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How To Create Professional
Moodboards Part II

Find out what will separate your Moodboard from the rest.


FEB 14, 2021


n the previous Moodboard part 1 blog post we discussed what all goes into creating a professional moodboard and why moodboards are needed in creative industries. Today we will be talking about the elements that are in 

moodboard and how to curate that mood you’re looking for.  After you figured out the visual style and 4 adjectives of your moodboard, it’s all about finding the right elements to create the look you're wanting. There are countless ways to curate the elements for the moodboard, but my personal favorite is Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual search engine tool, that makes it so much easier to curate elements.

The first I like to do is write down on a sheet of paper the four adjectives you came up with your visual style. Doing so will help keep you on track while searching for visuals. The second thing I do is I create a pinterest board and this is where you will be saving your creative visuals. Be sure to include the following elements......

  1. Color

  2. Patterns

  3. Textures 

  4. Typography

  5. Photographs

  6. Sketches/ Illustrations

  7. Textiles 


After you find your images, the next thing you need to do is place the images on your board. Some moodboards can look  more organized and put together and others can look like a collection of ideas. Below are some examples of moodboards and how different layouts affect the mood of your visual style.

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