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How The Pomodoro Technique Has Changed The Way I Work

You've been working all wrong find out why.


FEB 28, 2021


his post is for anyone who feels overwhelmed, filled with anxiety and procrastinates when you have a long list of tasks to do. Whether  it’s homework, work or various other tasks, I have recently learned of a new way to help you actually finish 

assignments or tasks. It’s called the pomodoro technique. You may be thinking what is pomodoro and how will this technique help me from being overwhelmed and procrastinating.

Have you ever heard of the saying about taking the elephant in small chunks, in other words taking a big project and cutting it up into smaller pieces makes it easier to complete tasks. The pomodoro technique does exactly that. The word(pomodoro is italian for tomato). The pomodoro technique was developed sometime in the 1980’s, by a college student Franceso Cirillo. You may be wondering what a tomato has to do with tasks. Well Franceso had a hard time focusing and finishing his assignments. He was feeling very much overwhelmed, he then asked himself to commit to 10 minutes to focus on his studies. Cirillo felt encouraged by this challenge, he grabbed a timer from the kitchen, which was a tomato (pomodoro in Italian) shaped kitchen timer and the pomodoro technique was born.


So how does the Pomodoro Technique work?

  1. Create a to do list or an assignment list and a grab a timer 

  2. Set up the timer to 25 minutes

  3. Work on the task until the time rings

  4. Take a short 5 minutes break

  5. After 4 intervals take a 15-30 minute break.


The reasoning behind the pomodoro technique helps you feel a sense of urgency, rather than feeling like you have all day to finish your work. With the pomodoro technique you don’t have to use the tomato timer. There are apps where they help you keep yourself from getting distracted by your phone. Some apps you can grow a tree, create a forest, some apps just have a countdown clock. Check out the list of apps below to try it out during your next study session.


  1. Flora

  2. Focus Keeper

  3. Plantie

  4. Forest

  5. Be Focused 

  6. Focus: To do: Focus Timer 


My thoughts on this technique


I’ve tried almost everything to help me focus on assignments. This technique gives just the right amount of time to do a task without getting distracted. I used to try and force myself to work an hour and half increments. It ultimately led to me feeling unsuccessful, defeated and stressed. After trying the technique I feel as though I’m able to actually get a task done which leaves me feeling successful and accomplished.


So for anyone who struggles with getting anything done, give the pomodoro technique a try and download one of the apps!

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